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Karma Group’s story began in 1969. Back then it was a small cottage industry, manufacturing steel and wood furniture, catering to the slow but growing domestic market in the country. That was the time when Bhutan had just embarked on the road to modernization, and manufacturing industries were few.

Located in the heart of Phuentsholing, Karma Steel and Wood Industry was one of the first manufacturing industries to be set up in Bhutan. As a pioneering steel and wood industry, it put a premium on quality and standard early on.

The Founder of Karma Group, Dasho Passang Dorji, recollects that he never compromised the quality of the products over quantity. “I was vehemently against producing any product that did not meet the highest standards,” says Dasho Passang Dorji. “So in the beginning, we barely produced three or four steel almirahs a month, way below our expected production goals. But I wanted to ensure that only the best quality almirahs hit the market.”

That is where Karma Group’s unflinching commitment to quality comes from. And today, 50 years on, Karma Steel and Wood Industry still continues to produce a wide range of high quality steel and wood furniture, including fabrication works – meeting the ever-changing needs and demands of Bhutanese consumers across the country. Therefore, it is not surprising that Karma Steel’s products are a household name today.

Karma Group has expanded over the years,diversifying its business into trading, manufacturing and mining. Karma Feeds was established in 1982 as the first feed producer in Bhutan and is now the largest producer of quality animal feeds in the country. Its trading ventures include Karma Tshongkhang, Karma Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies, Karma One Stop Shop, and Karma Showroom, to name a few.

Its mining business include Karma CP Systems Private Limited, a Foreign Direct Investment undertaking, that deals in mining and value addition of granite products that are mostly exported to India. Karma Group was also among the first to open a mining company in Bhutan, harnessing dolomite
and other minerals.

The Group has made huge investments to support the agriculture sector and agri-businesses in the country. Such investments are in line with the Group’s over arching philosophy to promote inclusive growth, well being and environmental conservation.

In that respect, Karma Group has always been a pioneer – a first mover – in its entire field of business, constantly exploring opportunities and launching innovative business ventures.

At Karma Group, our efforts are focused on catalyzing the economy, creating meaningful jobs, and improving the conditions that contribute to the wellbeing of Bhutanese people through creative business solutions.

The strength of Karma Group is its human resources and employs over 300 employees. The Group has always prioritized the welfare and wellbeing of its employees above all else. Such emphasis has certainly paid off. Not only is the Group able to attract the best talent in the industry but also is able to retain them for long term.