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Karma Group turns 50 this year. As we celebrates this special and historic occasion, we must look back at our journey to understand our roots and values while we chart the course of our future.

What started as a small cottage industry in the border town of Phuentsholing 50 years ago has blossomed into an innovative, resilient and progressive company today. We have diversified our businesses, branching out into manufacturing, mining, trade, and service sectors over the past five decades. Karma Group is an industry leader in a highly competitive market, and we take immense pride in being a pioneer in Bhutan’s industries and economic development.

What defines Karma Group is our strong values, vibrant organizational culture, and uncompromising commitment to quality and standards. We have come this far and we continue to record growth year after year primarily because of the values that we hold close. Our staff and employees are the main engine of growth. They are the ones who push new boundaries and drive innovation.

We, at Karma Group, are not motivated by profit alone. We believe in doing business that is socially and environmentally responsible. We believe in doing impactful business that enable Bhutanese people to harness their full potential, be it through access to technology, machinery and equipment, or
better agricultural inputs and services.

Our company goes by the slogan ‘Serving for Happiness’. At a deeper level, this is a reflection of our commitment to promoting people’s well being and happiness.In the end, our business should make a difference to communities and to our country at large. That is our vision, our goal, and our commitment. And we have been working steadfast with these guiding principles for the past 50 years. As we accomplish an important milestone and set our goals on yet another, Karma Group will always be guided by its values and principles. We will continue to be the ‘first mover’ in the industry in terms of cutting-edge technology, innovation, and people centric business services.

Lastly, I take this opportunity to thank the Chairman of Karma Group for his continued wisdom, guidance and support. I also thank all the staff and employees for their extraordinary and dedicated service.We have completed 50 years in business and look forward to many years ahead.



     Tashi Delek


    Karma Dorjee
Managing Director