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Karma Showroom

Karma Showroom is an offshoot of Karma Tshongkhang, which serves as a retail outlet for office and household furniture and products. In 2006 Karma Showroom became an independent entity under Karma Group.

Upholding the creed and legacy of Karma Group, Karma Showroom continues to innovate its business. Recently, Karma Showroom launched its own revolving chairs in the market, making it a pioneer manufacturer and supplier of madein-Bhutan revolving chairs. This is in line with the overall vision of the Group to promote locally made Bhutanese brands in the country that are not only high quality but also reasonably priced.

Karma Showroom has established itself as the oldest and the most trusted company in Bhutan that markets school and office furniture in the country. Besides individual and household customers, Karma Showroom also supplies its products to numerous government agencies, corporate bodies, and private entities.


Karma Showroom
  • Revolving Chairs

  • All livestock feeds (Karma Feeds)

  • Agriculture farm mechanization machines

  • Dairy Farming equipment

  • Poultry Farming Equipment

  • Egg Trays

  • All Karma Steel & Wood Industry products

  • All Karma One Stop Shop Products


Karma Showroom

A trusted supplier of office and household furniture.

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Karma Showroom

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Tel :+975-17491053
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