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About Karma One Stop Shop


Karma One Stop Shop was established in 2014 with the vision to cater to the emerging needs and requirements of Bhutanese consumers,with specific focus on the farming communities and the agricultural sector. Karma One Stop Shop serves as a convenient outlet for all the products from all the units of Karma Group, catering to customersacross the country.

Karma One Stop Shop not only makes shopping easier but also more accessible and hassle free especially for rural farming communities who often have to travel long distances to buy agriculture tools and livestock products.

Karma One Stop Shop aspires to reach its products to every nook and cranny of the country and optimize its delivery services through its network of over 57 Karma One Stop Shop agents across Bhutan. And above all, it places high premium on quality of its products and services and efficiency in terms of delivery.

At Karma One Stop Shop, customers can buy a wide range of products such as all livestock feeds (Karma Feeds), agriculture farm machines and equipment, farm tools and implements, dairy farming equipment, poultry farming equipment, egg trays and cartons, Day Old Chicks (DOC) for both Layer and Broiler, and all Karma Steel and Wood Industry products.

Karma One Stop Shop is committed to serving the agriculture sector by providing quality tools, equipment, and services at competitive prices. Through such services, Karma One Stop Shop aspires to improve the livelihood and wellbeing of rural communities in the country.

To ensure customer satisfaction and efficient delivery throughout Bhutan, we have a network of 57 Karma one Stop Shop Agents across the country.

Vision & Mission



We strive to provide quality products and services at a competitive price at convenient location throughout the country with excellent customer care and services.


  • Ensure customer and customer satisfaction through efficient marketing and production networks in all locations across the country,

  • Strive for promotion of Karma Brand through quality products & services, innovation and value to our clients

  • To be reliable partner with our clients and principal manufacturing companies.


  • Agriculture farm mechanization machines

  • Agriculture farm tools & implements

  • Dairy Farming equipment

  • Poultry Farming Equipment

  • Egg Trays & Cartons

  • Day Old Chick(DOC) for both Layer & Broiler

  • Animal Supplement


  • After sale services of all farm mechanization machines through our setup mechanical cell

  • Spare parts & accessories

  • Outcall services for mechanical works.

Contact Us

Karma One Stop Shop

Post Box No. 57
(Near Karma Steel & Wood Industry)
Phuentsholing: BHUTAN
Telephone No. +975-251034
E-Mail: [email protected]

Our Regional Representatives/Offices

Eastern Region (Tashigang)
Contact # +975-17570634
E-Mail: [email protected]
Central Region(Gelephu)
Contact # +975-17343748
E-Mail:[email protected]

Our Regional Representatives/Offices

Western Region(Thimphu)
Contact # +975-17668883
E-Mail:[email protected]
Southern Region(Phuentsholing)
Contact # +975-17570827
E-Mail:[email protected]