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Karma Feeds is the Flagship project of Karma Group. It was started in 1982 with the feed’s machinery grant provided by the erstwhile Department of Animal Husbandry under the Ministry of Agriculture. Initially Karma Feeds produced and supplied mash type feeds for government farms in Bhutan. At the times, it only had a small mixer machine with a one-ton production capacity. With increased feeds demand from across the country, Karma Feeds upgraded its production capacity by installing new machinery and equipment at its plant located at Amochhu (Toorsa) bank in Phuentsholing.

In the last decade, the Royal Government’s prioritization of commercial agriculture and livestock farming to boost food self-sufficiency and food security triggered the feeds demand. To further meet the significant surge in demand for animal feeds, a bigger mill for steam formed pellet making was established in 2017 at the Pasakha Industrial Estate in Phuentsholing at the total cost of nu.200 million. The plant’s capacity is 200 tons.

Karma Feeds is the leading animal feeds manufacturer and supplier in the country, meeting around 75% of the total feed’s requirement. It has over 72 sale agents spread across the country, with at least two agents in each dzongkhag. Karma Feeds produces a wide range of feeds for cattle, Pig, Fish and poultry.

Karma Feeds also provides proper instructions and hands-on training for farmers on how to use the feeds. Karma Feeds has a total 55 employees with standard laboratory staffed with trained professionals at its plant in Pasakha to constantly monitor the quality of the raw materials entering the plant and the finished products existing the plant.

Karma Feeds strictly follows the code of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to:

  1. Protect the health of human consumer of food products derived from livestock fed prepared stock feeds;
  2. Protect the health of livestock and to enable livestock producers to achieve expected levels of performance by delivering stock feeds of consistent quality to animals; and,
  3. Contribute to the delivery of livestock products of consistent and appropriate quality to enable livestock produces to market food commodities that meet national standards.


Mr. Chencho Wangyal (Project Manager)

Phone number: +975-77447700/05-254637

Email: chencho@karma-admin