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Karma Tshongkhang, the trading division of Karma Group, is one of the oldest registered trading units in the country. It was established in 1972 as a one stop shop catering to all the needs of Bhutanese customers. The fact that Karma Tshongkhang had envisioned a one stop shop back in the 70s is proof of the farsighted business acumen of its founder.

As a customer-oriented enterprise, the objective of Karma Tshongkhang was to lessen the unnecessary hassle for its customers by providing a wide range of products under a single roof.

Over the years, with stiff competition due to the emergence of new players in the market and the subsequent shrinking of market share, Karma Tshongkhang came up with more creative solutions and business strategies. It started venturing into marketing and sales of niche products that specifically improves the livelihood of Bhutanese people by enhancing efficiency and productivity. This move was partly triggered by business interest and innovation to remain relevant in the fast-changing market scenario and largely to stimulate the growth of the agriculture sector.

Karma Tshongkhang promotes access to affordable and highly efficient farm machinery, equipment and other products. Combined with Karma Group’s Focus on livestock feeds and nutrition, Karma Tshongkhang started to play a critical role supplying such products to Bhutanese consumers, particularly farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs.

Karma Tshongkhang has been growing steadily over the years. This growth is fueled by the unit’s excellent public relations, brand reputation, efficiency in delivery of services, and its extensive network of infrastructures such as warehousing, wholesaling and retailing outlets and offices located in strategic areas in the country.


KT (Karma Tshongkhang)

Mr. Saroj Chheteri (Manager)

Phone Number: +975-17491053

Email: kt@karma.bt